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Evaluation Download

The evaluation download campaign is closed. Some configuration files and examples still can be downloaded from this page.


Current Release version (603)


Witmate functional components  Core Engine  WitStream Reader  WitStream Writer  SLML Parser  SL Compiler  JSR94 cover
Platform J2ME (CLDC1.1 + MAPI1.0) or higher

J2ME (CLDC1.1 + MAPI1.0) or higher
+ WebServices enabled


Java 1.1 or higher

Java 1.1 or higher
+ SAX XML parser

J2SE 1.4.1_02 or higher

Jar files
witopt-ex.jar  witcache.jar 
ws-read.jar ws-wirter.jar slmlparser.jar slcompiler.jar witpeel.jar



OSGi Bundles:

Witmate functional components  Core Engine  WitStream Reader  WitStream Writer  SLML Parser  SL Compiler  Logger Bundle
Platform Any OSGi environment
(Executable from OSGi/Minimum-1.0)
Jar files WitCoreBundle.jar WitSLCompilerBundle.jar WitLoggerBundle.jar

 * witopt-ex.jar includes extended operators.
 * witcache.jar includes cache classes.
 * witcore-all.jar includes witcore.jar, witopt-ex.jar, witcache.jar, ws-reader.jar and ws-writer.jar.
 * There are md5 files in zip download file. They are md5 check key for jars.

 XML Schema of Simple Logic Markup Language.

 Witmate configuration file example: witmate.properties

 Witmate tools (slml2ws.jar and sl2slml.jar) source code. They are examples to show how to translate logic formats by several lines code.

 The log4j for j2me edition is a open source contribution from Witmate. Download source code from Contribution.


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