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[Aug 1, 2008]

Improved JIT compiler.


[Feb 10, 2008]

SDK 603 is updated.


[ Aug 1, 2007]

SDK 603 is included into WitGuide a J2EE product of WitSign Ltd.


[July 15, 2006]

SDK 603 released. Improvements:

         2 times faster SL compiler.

WitmateIDE 2006.3 version released


[Feb 15th, 2006]

SDK 602 released. Improvements:

         Extended Lightweight rule session provider to get simpler client code then JSR94.

         OSGi supports and Witmate bundles released.


[Jan 30th, 2006]

SDK 601 released. From this version, Witmate is released by a SDK with a debugger.


         Null logger to save log time in a system without log requirements.

         Debugger supports local and remote debug.


[Dec 29th, 2005]

Added article Performance Compare of JSR94 engines Part2 in Document page.


[Dec 27th, 2005]

Added article Performance Compare of JSR94 engines Part1 in Document page.


[Dec 14th, 2005]

Updated JSR94 TCK page with TCK 1.1 support.


[Dec 12th, 2005]

Released version 509 with bug fix and these improvements:

         Warning of non-used variables (Let commends) in SLML parser.

         XML validating support in SLML parser.

         Block comments in SL.

         Forcing Execution of Let commands in Then/Else Blocks.

Updated Users Manual and java docs for version 509.


[Nov 29th, 2005]

Released a bug fix version 508a with 508a SLCompiler


[Nov 25th, 2005]

Shift SLML DTD to Schema


[Nov 17th, 2005]

Updated users' manual.

Released Online purchase through PayPal.


[Nov 11th, 2005]

Added article Logic Engine's Logic in Document page


[Nov 10th, 2005]

Added article CaseStudy-ExpenseApplicationSystem in Document page

e-mail based online purchase is opened.


[Nov 9th, 2005]

Updated users manual with how to use sl2slml and slml2ws tools.


[Nov 8th, 2005]

Added FAQ page under Document page


[Nov 2nd, 2005]

Update contribution page with more details about log4j2me.

Added Witmate Poster in Document page.


[Nov 1st, 2005]

We are the top article of http://www.javarules.org/


[Oct 28th, 2005]

Added mobile system architecture in top page.

Added tools source code in download page


[October 27th, 2005]

Added JSR-94 TCK test case page.


[October 26th, 2005]

Added Contribution page.


[October 25th, 2005]

Witmate version 508 released. Added Real type key word as alias of Double in SL.

Users Manual and java doc updated


[October 18th, 2005]

Witmate version 507 released, and java doc updated.


[October 12th, 2005]

Java Doc updated


[October 10th, 2005]

User manual updated


[September 1st, 2005]

Witmate version 506 released.


[May 1st, 2005]

log4j2me version 503 released. Will be Included in Witmate 506 release.





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