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Managing logic/rule standalone with code is the growing up requirement of customers and development teams.


Although there are many rule management solutions, they are large package and require big platform to execute with an expensive price, or come from research projects that they are difficult to be used by real world programmers and difficult to be understood by fields experts/customers.


Witmate is the answer to these hard problems.

Witmate support well the real world programmers by its advantaged/flexible architecture and standard support. Witmate is the only one engine executable from mobile device(J2ME) and OSGi bundles to enterprise system (J2SE/J2EE) to support any types of application developments. XML support, Simple Logic Markup Language (SLML), gives Witmate the power to integrate smoothly with modern enterprise systems.

Witmate easier the logic/rule creation/modification by customers and fields experts, leveraging its easy understandable logic definition language, Simple Logic language (SL).


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Advantaged Features

Mobile and Home network environment ready:

Witmate is a mobile environment ready logic engine. “Mobile ready” is not only figure out that it is executable on J2ME and OSGi platform, but also support an architecture to create, manage and update logics through mobile/home networks. Witmate exposes a JSR-94 like API on J2ME platform. This makes it easy to integrate mobile devices into enterprise system, and lower down the cost to manage and develop systems on both of mobile and typical enterprise platform.

Mobile Rule System by Witmate (zoom)

Web services/SOA ready:

All runtime components of Witmate are SOAP ready. So it's very easy to deploy Witmate into Web services/SOA systems.

Flexible rule/logic repository:

 Witmate Rule base is a RDB based rule/logic repository solution. It supports any RDB system, and just few tables need to be created to make it working.

Complete development environment:

A SDK with debugger and an full function IDE construct a powerful environment to developers.

JSR-94 compatibility:

Witmate is compatible with JSR-94, the standard of rule engine of java. Witmate is the only one engine in the world that supports both of J2ME and JSR-94. There is a API that is very close with JSR94 in Witmate core engine, so experiences of JSR-94 can be used easily to code with core engine in mobile environment, and size up smoothly from mobile to enterprise environment at anytime you need. A JSR-94 Witmate cover layer implemented the standard JSR-94 in J2SE/J2EE environment for enterprise applications. This layer passed all test cases of JSR94 TCK (Java Rule Engine API Test Compatibility Kit). Replay the TCK case of Witmate in your environment.

OSGi Standard compatibility:

Compatibility with OSGi Bundles make Witmate ready to execute in home/car networks.

Multiple logic description formats:

Not like other engines that offer only one logic description language to users to create logics, Witmate offers 3 description formats to users for different targets and environments. They are:

       1.Simple Logic Language (SL): An easily understandable, human friendly language to create logics. Without strange expressions as Prolog or other logic expression languages, Witmate just uses IF-THEN to express logic. Anybody can start to use in minutes. SL also offers other expressions as vocabulary definitions and variables definitions to make the communications between IT team and fields experts more smoothly. This is the best format to create and modify logics by experts themselves or together with IT team.

       2.Simple Logic Markup Language (SLML): A XML format of logics. It is a Witmate edition logic ML. SLML is designed to get balance of readability and compact XML string size, so it is not cost to send SLML through a mobile network. This is the best format to create/manage logics by computers, and exchange logics among computers or software components.

       3.WitStream (WS): A text based stream format of logics. This is Witmate special format; no another engine offers this type format of logics. This format is very compact, normally one of third of length of XML format. As a very compact text stream, WitStream can be exchanged through any mobile or fixed networks, can be saved into any storages as Data Bases, Files or stick memories, or even printed on paper as back up (Paper back up still is the last approach for very important data as forms of insurances). WitStream is the best format to exchange/broadcast logics through mobile networks, and save/retrieve logics to/from database or any storage.

Logic Set Firing

Logic sets in Witmate can fire other logic sets at runtime. This makes it easier to describe complex logics. With logic set firing, Witmate can execute logics as status machine to solute much more complex problems than normal single logic set approach.

High performance:

Leveraging advantaged system structure and logic optimization, Witmate offers high performance on mobile and enterprise environment. Over 200 thousands compares and processes can be done in second by Witmate even on a typical thin PC (1GHz CPU, 1G RAM). Concerning the fact that any cache system has its limit for certain environment, Witmate has an optional cache component. It is possible to get high performance for any environments by configuring and open/close Witmate cache. Refer Performance Compare of JSR94 engines Part1 and Performance Compare of JSR94 engines Part2 for details.

Small footprint:

Very small memory and CPU usage makes Witmate can execute on very weak mobile devices. Refer Performance Compare of JSR94 engines Part1 and Performance Compare of JSR94 engines Part2 for details.


Witmate system is separated into several JAR files; so different target applications only deploy the parts they need. To deploy Witmate easily on enterprise environment, an all in one core JAR file is offered.

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