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Why logic/rule engine?
With growing up of complexities both of IT technology and application fields, managing application fields experts' knowledge standalone with program codes  is the important solution for software development today. Logic Engine is the kernel of this solution. It offers approach to experts to manage knowledge as process logics and programming interfaces to software developers to integrate knowledge with IT system smoothly. From fields experts' point of view, Logic Engine is the tool to bring their knowledge into IT System, control the processes of IT System to follow their expertise, and get the system functionality that they really want. From software developers' point of view, Logic Engine is one of solutions to solve the hard problem of software development that most failures of It system development are caused by misunderstand the requirement of application fields.

At the same time, Logic Engine brings the feature that changing experts' processes logic is standalone with redevelopment IT system. It solute another hard problem of IT system development, the changing management.


What's different between Logic Engine and Rule Engine?

Rule Engines or Business Rule Engines, as the name expressed, are created for business level rule match in a large based enterprise system. Most of the business packages require a large system platform to execute, and very special languages which are strange for both of fields experts and software developers, with a very high price. Other non-business or open source packages come from school or  research projects with academism styles that never fit for real world system. By one word, Rule Engines are the tool for very special targets and very special users.

Logic Engine is a day to day IT tool for experts and developers. So it must be usable on many types of systems, easy for experts and developers, standard based and high performance. This is the reason that Witmate can executable from j2me to j2se/j2ee, has easy understand Simple Logic Language, jsr94 compatible and high performance/low footprint. Of cause, all these advantages are come with a very cheap price.

Logic set firing is the answer for another requirement of logic engine rather than rule engine that is most of daily logic processes need a additional workflow control functionality on rule match.

Logic Engines also can be used as Rule Engines for enterprise systems.


Is Witmate fit for me?

Because Witmate is the every day tool for experts and developers, you will always find your way to use it. If your are a field expert or customer to be ready to start a IT system development, let your experts write down their knowledge by Simple Logic Language and push your developers team to use Witmate as Logic Engine to get YOUR system from start point. If you are a developer, tell your customers to use Simple Logic Language to fix their requirements, and use Witmate Logic Engine way to save you from never end changes from your customers. If you are a software provider, include Witmate into your skill list, and show how different your approaches with competitors.


What's the Witmate license included?

The right to use Witmate in your business; Free online tech support: Discount price for version update.





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